Today, the most important thing for a company is to build a competitive advantage. Such an advantage can be provided by the company’s ability to quickly adapt its team to the requirements of customers or to changing trends in the market. The pandemic situation has shown that the greatest strength of any company is not the product or service, but the team of people the company has. In addition, attitudes about the work itself have changed. It turned out that employees are just as productive working from home as they are at the company’s headquarters. Thanks to the compulsion to work remotely, we know that in order to achieve success, the most important thing is the work of the team and the competence of its individual members. Especially in technology projects, high productivity and efficiency can be achieved provided we have the best specialists. Therefore, it turns out that the best solution for today’s times is to outsource programmers.

IT outsourcing or a permanent team?

Undoubtedly, we now have a market for an employee, and every manager and entrepreneur knows this. Especially in the IT industry, programmers and specialists receive a huge number of offers making them not thig about their projects in long-term perspective. The problem of attracting qualified people has already grown to really huge proportions. In addition, companies are outdoing themselves every now and then with new ideas to get an employee. Interestingly enough, some solutions commonly known as “fruit Thursdays” have stopped working. By far, however, the biggest benefit for many people now is the ability to work remotely. And on the one hand, this raises a lot of problems, but it also provides a great opportunity to engage the best specialists from all over the world for work. Therefore, the most effective solution now is to hire and build a team through outsourcing.

Benefits of outsourcing programmers

There are a number of benefits of outsourcing specialists. Both for the employee and the employer. First of all, it saves time for each party. Seemingly nothing much, but we know how important time is, in the world in which we operate today.

The employee saves it primarily by commuting to the office. As a result, he gains more free time and feels more comfortable. This translates into the quality of his work and, interestingly, also into greater productivity. how is this possible? Working from a place where he feels comfortable, he feels less pressure and stress. He doesn’t feel controlled, and he doesn’t have to fake his commitment to his work. As a result, he performs tasks faster and with more focus because he realizes that in this situation all that matters is the efficiency of his work. Non-standard working hours and only checking the results achieved or goals are also becoming more and more popular. As a result, programmers work the hours and in the mode that suits them, rather than that imposed by their employer. Again, this translates positively into quality and speed of work.

And what does it look like from the employer’s side. First of all, thanks to the outsourcing service, no time is wasted in carrying out the recruitment process. This is handled by the provider. The only thing you need to do is to accept the potential candidate. And as soon as he can, he can get to work. In addition, in such a model we have much less paperwork and problems related to personnel regulations. Everything is settled on a b2b basis thanks to which, not only saves time. However, many business owners worry about the commitment of the employee and his approach to work in a situation where he is not controlled. That is, he does not stay in the company. And this is a wrong assumption. Precisely because the programmer stays at home, he feels that he is managing his own time, not that of the “company”. Therefore, he performs tasks efficiently. He doesn’t get distracted by going out to chat in the kitchen and doesn’t get caught up in conversations about planned vacations in open space. He does what he is supposed to do and wants to get on with his business. We may not be able to control a home office employee whether he works 8 hours a day. However, we can certainly check his performance. A home office employee often works longer and better than behind a desk at work. And the proof is in the tasks completed.

So we have many benefits for each party. We don’t have to worry about the little things. Even if it turns out that the employee works less well or is not able to participate competently. It is the process of getting a new employee or replacement that is much simpler and faster. We can definitely more efficiently determine the reason for the backlog of duties than if the employee was permanently in the office.

Outsourcing and remote work is definitely the future of hiring and at the moment for the IT industry it’s a reality that works well and neither side wants to go back to previous methods. Of course, there are exceptions. They are exceptions just proving the rule or people who simply have their own habits and work culture. However, with outsourcing you can also provide such a person with the right conditions. For example, a workstation and tools in the form of a computer. This can now be done more easily and cheaply, because it is accepted that each specialist already works on his own devices and resources. Looking through the eye of an entrepreneur, this is a very good thing, considering the costs. The resources saved can be used in other areas.

IT specialist tailored to your needs and expectations.

Every company, if it wants to maintain the dynamics of work and the appropriate degree of development, must rely on specialists. It is obvious that each new project requires new competencies or appropriate knowledge. So, in order to carry out such work or lead a suitable project is needed a specialist with specific skills. Tailored to a given assignment or challenge. However, there are times when a particular knowledge or competence is not needed in a company on a permanent basis. Outsourcing programmers once again proves to be the best solution. We can contract the right specialist for a limited period of time and resign from the cooperation after achieving the set goal. We have full freedom in choosing specialists and changing them. And after the project is done, if we want, we can enlist a given specialist for permanent cooperation. In a situation in which he turns out to be indispensable. On the other hand, we have full decision-making and, above all, control over what happens to the project or team. Besides, thanks to IT outsourcing, we also have control over the budget of a given project. Because there are many options and possibilities of billing for the work done. In the case of a permanent team, we have no way out when the work does not go as planned.

Are you looking for the best economic and project-based solution for your company’s IT plans and tasks? Base your operations on outsourcing and see how it will positively affect your business.